Unparalleled lock system for security, strength, and reliability.

Your new door is a big investment and should last decades, why compromise on performance, security and durability? Ask for TYTO system with the door of your choice. Accept nothing less.

tyto is the new
standard in performance lock systems. 

tyto sets the standard for door locking systems. 

Make your New door Better with Tyto

Choose any door and any handleset.

Protection against extreme weather conditions.

Reduce sound and draft by 40%.

Full frame lock design ensures high performance strength.

10+ years of engineering & testing

strength of 75 deadbolts

Over 20 issued patents

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We’re here to make your family home or your doors business a better place. Please get in touch with us to find a TYTO partner (door seller) near you. Want to partner with us, and bring Tyto to your customers? Click here for more information.